Resident Evil 7 is expected to score ‘nines and tens’ but will probably have ‘a few eights’ as well, says Capcom

Normally I'd laugh....but I think they're going to be right

Confidence is such a fickle thing. Normally when companies (or people) talk big, it's a cover for weakness. But when it comes to how Capcom is projecting how they think Resident Evil 7 is going to perform when it releases next month, I actually believe them. This game is legit, and if you've played the demo, most of you would probably agree.

They already think (know) that the game is going to move 4 million copies on release day, citing pre-orders and trends as evidence, but Resident Evil 7's marketing director Antoine Molant took it a step further when he expressed his confidence in how he thought the game would perform critically when speaking to MCV.

He said:

"We'd love to have only nines or tens, but I'm sure we'll see a few eights as well. We're very confident in terms of the quality. Commercially, it's probably the biggest Capcom game we are releasing on the new machines."

After rumors of its existence leading up to the show, Resident Evil 7 was officially revealed in a stunning trailer back at E3 2016, with a demo that released the same night. The demo has since been updated over the course of the last six months to include new content, with a third update potentially coming next month. The game's VR mode, which will be exclusive to PlayStation owners for the first year enhances the experience, even more, and will "scare the hell out of you."

Resident Evil 7 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24th, 2016.

Source: [MCV via VideoGamer]