Resident Evil 7 Guide: Here’s how to find all the Antique Coins on Easy/Normal difficulty

You're going to need these.

Resident Evil 7 has a lot of collectibles and one of those collectibles will actually benefit you during gameplay. This collectible is called an antique coin. It allows you to purchase upgrades for your health, reload speeds, and you can even purchase an excellent gun. If you collect all of them, you'll even get a trophy/achievement!

The only problem is, these little suckers are pretty hard to find. Below you'll find all 18 locations for the Easy/Normal difficulties and we'll make a separate guide for those playing through on the Madhouse difficulty. We also have guides for all the VHS tapes and all 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads!

If you have yet to pick up Resident Evil 7, you can view our review here where we gave it a perfect score.

Antique Coin #1
Guest House: The first Antique Coin in the game is very easy to miss and probably screwed a lot of people over in their first playthrough. During the prologue of the game, you'll enter the guest house from the demo of the game. Go upstairs, grab the tape on the table next to the tape player, and bring it downstairs to the VHS player. Pop the tape in and once it begins and you can move around, turn around and a lock pick will be on the ground.

Take the lockpick into the kitchen of the house during the tape, and unlock the locked drawer on the right side of the kitchen. You can end the tape here by pausing the game if you'd like. Now once you regain control of Ethan, go to the now unlocked drawer and open it. You should find the first coin of the game. It is vital you get this coin at this specific moment of the game as you will not be able to return here.

Antique Coin #2
Main House: After your initial introduction to the Baker family, make your way to the hatch in the room next to the kitchen. You'll need the key to the hatch for this. The key can be found on the white table to the left of the steel doors that you use to enter the foray.

Once you have unlocked the hatch and are in the crawl space, crawl until you find the red lawn mower. The coin will be on the ground next to it.

Antique Coin #3
Main House: To the left of the phone you answer in the foray is a set of drawers next to a cupboard. Open the drawer to find the next coin.

Antique Coin #4
Main House: In the rec room on the second floor, you can find a coin right next to a Mr. Everywhere bobblehead. The coin can be found to the left of the scorpion door that leads to grandma's room.

Antique Coin #5
Main House: Inside the bathroom on the second floor (the one with the disgusting tub), you will find a coin inside of the toilet. Ew.

Antique Coin #6
Main House: Go past the shadow puzzle of the main house and into the room with the deer. Proceed to the storage room on the left, grab the coin out of the ashtray on the white table.

Antique Coin #7
Main House:  Go down the stairs into the basement (also known as the processing area), once you go down the stairs take a right and enter through the metal door. The coin will be in a small hole in the wall directly in front of you. You may need to enter the room another way if you haven't unlocked that door yet.

Antique Coin #8
Yard: Once you're outside in the backyard. there'll be a pot in the bushes to the left of the porch (if you're facing the house it's to your left, it'll be to your right if you're facing the trailer) with a coin in it.

Antique Coin #9
Trailer: This one's pretty hard to miss. You can find this coin next to the bird cage with the .44 magnum inside the trailer.

Antique Coin #10
Old House: This one's also hard to miss. When you're in the old house, burn the bug nest that blocks the fireplace. Crawl through the fireplace and walk down the stairs, a story event will trigger. After the cutscene is over, pick up the coin off the table next to you.

Antique Coin #11
Old House: When you go the get the crow key (it's story related), look next to the chest that the crow key is in and you'll see a toilet. On top of the toilet is the key you need.

Antique Coin #12
Old House: After you use the crow key to get to the second floor of the old house, you'll enter a room with a locked door. You'll need a lantern to balance out the counterweight to unlock the door. To your right, you'll see a table with a candle on it. Behind that table is a desk with a drawer, open the drawer and you'll find the coin.

Antique Coin #13
Testing Area: Once you're in the testing area (the barn), you'll find yourself in a long hallway. At the end of the long hallway is a room, enter that room but be careful as there are traps everywhere in that room. Make your way to the green desk in that room, and open the drawer to find the coin.

Antique Coin #14
Testing Area: In the testing area, you'll find a room with a corpse of what appears to be one of the molded. He'll have a sign on his chest that reads "1408. You're next." turn around and directly across from him is a shelf next to a set of folded stairs similar to the ones seen in the guest house's attic. On the shelf you'll find the coin.

Antique Coin #15
Wrecked Ship: After exploring the wrecked ship for a short period of time, you'll witness a flashback sequence of two men in a room talking about what's happening on the ship. They'll eventually crawl down into a crawl space and you'll follow. When you reach the first place where there are multiple paths, go right until you hit a dead end. To your left, you'll find the coin.

Antique Coin #16
Wrecked Ship: After climbing up a ladder and spotting a body in a doorway you'll jump down into a small room that is slightly flooded. Go to the your left and right in front of that little bush/plant you'll find a coin in the water.

Antique Coin #17
Wrecked Ship: On the third floor past the room you watch the old tape on, Mia goes into a room to use a laptop to send a message. In that same room, there's an orange box. Unlock the orange box with a lockpick (if you don't have one, there's one on the ship)

Antique Coin #18
Wrecked Ship: In the hallway past the engine room, there's a box mounted on the wall. Use some of the corrosive acid you have in your inventory to melt the lock and pick up the final coin!