Resident Evil 6 ships 4.5M worldwide — series ‘just as popular,’ says Capcom

The critically troubled Resident Evil 6 has shipped 4.5 million copies worldwide, according to publisher and developer Capcom.

Resident Evil 6 hit shelves on October 2 and today in Japan. A PC date has yet to be confirmed, but the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are hanging on to 67 and 77 percent aggregate scores on Metacritic, respectively.

It's important to note that shipping figures are not the same as sales numbers, though. Capcom did reveal that the series to date has sold over 50 million units — but that's as of June 30, which is well before the release of the latest game but after the March debut of Operation Raccoon City, which wasn't so hotly received, either. (Both console versions have a 52/100 score on Metacritic.)

Given the scores those recent two games, we're not sure we agree with Capcom when it told the press, "These sales figures demonstrate that Resident Evil is just as popular today as it was 15 years ago."

We gave the PlayStation 3 version a 6.5 in our review.

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