Resident Evil 6 rated for Xbox One and PS4

Korean ratings board strikes again

The Korean ratings board has done it again, leaking the release of Resident Evil 6 on Xbox One and PS4. 

The game has been rated for both systems as spotted by Gematsu, which isn't a surprise after Capcom's claims of going remake happy with the future of their games. Resident Evil 6 is three years old now and was released back in 2012, a full year before the Xbox One and PS4 launched. With so many remakes now, especially Resident Evil Revelations, getting success it's not a surprise to see Resident Evil 6 coming to both Xbox One and PS4.

There isn't any release date news yet as the game has just been rated, but we have contacted Capcom and will let you know what we hear.

PS4 rating

Xbox One rating