Resident Evil 6 patch targets digital game copies on PSN

Capcom is readying a patch to fix the day-one patch that broke downloadable copies of Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation Network.

The faulty patch prevents digital versions of the game from loading, making them unplayable. It largely affects customers who purchased the game during the early hours of launch or preordered it from the PlayStation Store.

The publisher told IGN that players can work around the issue by uninstalling the game (if they originally saw an error message, numbered 80029513) and reinstall it. At that point, the prompt to download the patch should not appear, and the game will load.

However, until the new patch is released, affected players will not be able to play against others or access, which tracks stats and rewards online.

"We are working with SCEE (Sony) to fix this issue, and a patch is imminent to fix the issue," Capcom said in a statement.

Sony has yet to comment.

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