Resident Evil 6 made a human meat butcher shop a reality

Have you ever heard of London’s famous meat market, Smithfiled’s?  Well it’s famous.  On September 28th and 29th, “Wesker And Son” took it over with a fictitious butcher shop.  What will be the meat of choice here?  You guessed it, human flesh.

This isn’t real Soylent Green of course, it’s promotion for Resident Evil 6.  While it’s not real human (I’m disappointed as well), what it was made of is unknown.  The edible menu included "Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages," "J’avo Caught Human Thigh Steaks," "Red Herb," and "Green Herb."  Sounds delicious.

I definitely support these types of PR moves, Capcom – keep them coming. RE6 is out tomorrow, 10/2/12.