Resident Evil 6 Character Art

Something I have always liked about the Resident Evil series is how they have a rotation of characters they keep reusing in the various games.  From the Resident Evil 6 trailer, it looks like we are going to see some familiar characters.  Even in a survival horror series, character progression is a welcome change and adds a layer of depth to the experience.

In Resident Evil 6 we will once again see one of the series more dominant characters, Leon Scott Kennedy.  This once upon a time Raccoon City cop has seen his fair share of Umbrella’s twisted experiments and messes.  Although he has rocked eight RE titles so far, each game he has a slightly different look to him.  Resident Evil 6 is no different.  Leon’s character art is below:

Much like how Resident Evil 5 used all-star Chris Redfield and then introduced a new character with Sheva Alomar – RE6 is taking a page out of that book.  This new character is Helena Harper.  All that is known about her is that she is an agent under command from the US president.  Armed with her dress pants and vest, she’s good to go.  Her art is below:

So while the release date of November 20th is quite a ways off, I’m sure more and more news for this Capcom title will be released.  Until then, you will just have to fulfill your Resident Evil needs with Operation Raccoon City out in March.