Requiem: Bloodymare Launch

June 6, 2008


Game Launch to Slaughter MMO

Requiem: Bloodymare will bring a new
era of mature horror to the MMO space with its commercial launch. Players that
pre-order subscriptions will be able to begin playing on June 16, three days
before gamers using the free-to-play option.

This M-rated horror title brings a
new option to mature MMO players looking for an alternative to the standard game
fare. In addition to the controversial content, Requiem: Bloodymare’s gameplay
challenges conventional MMO approaches.

Character development is not
restricted to just choosing a class and skills. Players will use the DNA system
to experiment with their own genetic code. Ghoulish experiments with DNA will
allow characters to obtain traits that nature never intended.

Players will also not be tied down
to just the skills open to their class. Using the Beast Possession system they
will be able to transform into some of the most violent and grotesque monsters
they encounter. Regardless of initial class, players are free to choose between
monsters that rip prey to shreds with their bare claws to ones that call up dark
magical forces that rot the flesh off theeir enemies’ bones.

The world is a deadly place in
Requiem. When day turns to night the world decays in a Nightmare-ish landscape
and terrifying monsters come to life. Imbued with unholy power, they are many
times more powerful than the daylight denizens.

“We’ve put together a title that is
going to turn the MMO world on its ear. Requiem: Bloodymare is, quite simply,
one of the best free-to-play MMOs out there,” said Jay H. Choi, vice president,
Gravity Interactive.

The game will be free-to-play with
two levels of subscriptions. Players who purchase a Basic or Premium package for
Requiem: Bloodymare will receive an exclusive 3-day early access pass into the
game and a special experience bonus for the early period. Players must purchase
the monthly package from June 5 to June 12 to be eligible.

The basic and premium packages cost
$7.99/month and $14.99/month, respectively. The packages also include faster
character development, increased item drops, bonus points from Item Mall
purchases as well as enhanced chat functionality.

To play the game, go to,  create your
account and download the client.