Report: Destiny 2’s PC version will be sold on Steam

It would certainly make the most sense.

A lot has been made about Destiny 2 since its reveal just over a week ago. One of the biggest stories is the confirmation of a PC version, something which eluded the original game. However, it hasn't been known which avenues Activision will choose to sell the game through, as there were some rumblings that they might opt to use their own client (which currently doesn't exist), much like Microsoft does with most of their Xbox Play Anywhere games. Fortunately, sources have told Gadgets360 that Activision will sell the game through PC gaming's most popular digital distributor, Steam.

This should not only elicit a sense of relief but should confirm what many would think to be common sense. PC game clients have seen their share of criticism from gamers in the past, particularly the likes of Uplay and Origin, with some games requiring multiple clients in use simultaneously. Considering that the client market would appear to be established with Steam, Blizzard, Uplay, Origin, and GOG, it wouldn't make sense for Activision to risk sales numbers over something as silly as forcing users to run an all-new client.

Then again, crazier things have happened.

Source: [Gadgets360]