Remastered Crimsonland coming to PS4 and Steam this summer

10tons' remake of Crimsonland, a cult classic top down hardcore shooter originally released in 2003, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam this summer, the developer announced.

"Today we have both PS4 and Steam versions working and completely playable with almost 100% new art but a lot work is still needed," 10tons said. The remade version runs the same code as the original, but with minor tweaks and additions. Also, almost all of the game's graphics have been replaced.

“Crimsonland is a terrific game and everyone at 10tons is very excited about the remastered version. The game plays like a dream and we're really happy to bring it to modern platforms with awesome new graphics. Crimsonland will also be our largest release yet on PS4 and our debut title on Steam.” added 10tons CEO Tero Alatalo.

Though Crimsonland will launch first on PS4 and PC, it's said to be coming to additional platforms in Q3 2014.