Release Date Announced for The Maw

January 12, 2009

Release Date Announced for The

Release Date, Price Point,
Official Website, and Earth’s Annihilation All Announced

Twisted Pixel Games, working in
conjunction with the Galactic Council, mistakenly let The Maw escape from his
quarantine early Monday afternoon. Scientists predict the destruction of all
life in the galaxy "probably by next Wednesday." Twisted Pixel’s CEO Michael
Wilford responds: "Real sorry about that. That’s totally my bad." Twisted Pixel
refused further questions, instead announcing the award-winning game’s release
date, price point, and website location. The Maw is the company’s first original
IP, a product of monumental effort by a passionate and loving team, and also
their first venture into galacticide.

The Maw is coming on January 21st to
Xbox LIVE Arcade. The game will be localized for a wide range of languages,
including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and
Traditional Chinese. Pleas for help in any of these languages have all gone
ignored by this one-eyed purple beast of the apocalypse, currently measuring the
size of a basketball.

The Maw will be available for 800
Microsoft Points ($10 USD). "We set out from the very beginning to create the
most content-rich and impressive game that we could for ten bucks and 150
megabytes," said CCO and Director Josh Bear. "There are over 900 animations,
1000 sound effects, 25 music tracks, 200 visual effects, and 150 models, making
this an incredible value for your $10… in the time that we have left." Bear then
wept bitterly.

The Maw will weigh in at a slender
150MB due to the superpowers of Granny 3D and its stupefying 85:1 compression
ratio for animation data. Without it, The Maw would require more than 2GB of
space, a size more attributable to retail titles. "I don’t think we could have
done it without Granny," says CTO Frank Wilson. "The simplicity of integrating
the technology into our engine, the artist-friendly tools, and the brilliance of
their compression algorithms are unbeatable."

The Maw will offer the rare
opportunity for players to win a free premium theme as an in-game unlockable.
The only way to get the theme (and free gamerpics too) is to play The Maw and
find them.
has officially launched today, featuring additional information about the game,
downloadable wallpapers, and more. The site was created by SBS Studios, a web
design firm with a focus on the website needs of game development companies.