Release dates for Detroit, Heavy Rain and Beyond, Demos confirmed

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Quantic Dream has announced the release dates for their three prior PlayStation exclusive games Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. The first release will be Heavy Rain on June 24th.

Early this year, French developer Quantic Dream shocked the gaming scene by announcing that the studio will no longer stay as a PlayStation exclusive developer. This is quite the bombshell as QD’s games have long become synonymous with the PlayStation brand. Now, this is going to change drastically. While PlayStation gamers will still get to enjoy QD’s future games, other platforms will also get to enjoy them. The first one is PC.

The three previous PlayStation 3 & 4 exclusives Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are starting the new phase at Quantic Dream in form of late PC ports. Similarly shocking was the news that all these titles are going to be timed-exclusives on the Epic Games Store. While we already knew the system requirements, now we also know the concrete release dates and prices.

Quantic Dream has decided to release their games in chronological order starting with Heavy Rain on May on June 24th. One month later Beyond: Two Souls will follow with its release on July 22th. Detroit: Become Human sadly doesn’t have a concrete release date and will come out sometime this fall. Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls are priced at just $19.99 each but are available right now in the Epic Mega Sale for a mere $9.99 per game. Detroit: Become Human will cost a bit more at $39.99 but is also discounted at the moment at $29.99.

Great news for prospect owners but there’s more good news for anyone interested in Quantic Dream’s unique blend of cinematic adventure games. All three titles will receive free demos before their release. Heavy Rain’s demo is coming out in exactly one week on May 24th. Beyond: Two Souls’ demo is slated for June 27th and Detroit: Become Human will get a demo this summer.