Relativity CEO promises Harambe film if he gets a million retweets

It's called Planet of the Apes.

Earlier this year, the death of a gorilla named Harambe sparked a worldwide phenomenon. At first, people considered it an actual controversy but very quickly people started making fun of the fact people were actually upset over the gorilla's death. The internet fell in love with him and started making memes out of him and even creating merchandise like phone cases, t-shirts, and much more. Without a doubt, the gorilla is profitable. Why? I have no idea, it's the internet and weird things happen on the internet, just take the Overwatch porn parody for example.

Since the gorilla is basically a household name at this point, CEO of Relativity, Ryan Kavanaugh took advantage of the beloved animal by making a deal with the followers of the gorilla. "1,000,000 retweets and I'll make a Harambe movie." Kavanaugh tweeted. The tweet is currently standing slightly over a quarter of a million tweets as of right now and the tweet was made 8 days ago.

It is certainly possible to get a million tweets as Ellen DeGeneres reached over 3 million with her famous Oscar selfie where she posed with a plethora of stars. If you truly love Harambe or just want to support the cause, you can retweet the tweet embedded above. Kavanaugh does say he will actually make the film if he reaches his goal and that this not some joke played for laughs.

Relativity recently emerged from bankruptcy in March, so it's interesting to see them possibly funding a movie about a gorilla who died and became an internet meme. Kavanaugh has not commented on the details of what the film will be like if he reaches its goal.