Reinforcements Hit The Beach for SSG’s Battles In Normandy!

Reinforcements Hit The Beach for
SSG’s Battles In Normandy!

Version 1.01 of Battles In
Normandy comes with significant improvements

Staten Island, NY, December 8th,
2004 – Matrix Games and Strategic Studies Group ( are pleased to
announce that the updated version 1.01 of Battles In Normandy has been released.
This update includes many fixes as well as significant improvements to a number
of features and can be downloaded from the Matrix Games site at or at

Battles In Normandy is the new
wargame in the award-winning Decisive Battles series from Strategic Studies
Group, which includes The Ardennes Offensive, Korsun Pocket and Across the
Dnepr. Including a number of enhancements and scenarios for the full Normandy
campaign, Battles In Normandy brings wargamers back to the western front with
historical scenarios including two monster campaigns, and eight smaller
historical scenarios. A full scenario editor is included and additional free
scenarios are available online at

The 1.01 update includes
improvements to the AI enemies, providing four levels of opponents to provide a
challenge for all levels of play. Additionally, a number of hotkeys have been
added to make playing faster and more dynamic. Lastly, the update includes a
number of fixes, addressing all outstanding bug reports and improving security.
Once again, the update and the game are both available from Matrix Games website

Battles In Normandy is based on the
design and engine that propelled Korsun Pocket to several outstanding “Wargame
of the Year” reviews and awards in 2003. Battles In Normandy features a new
Decisive Battles game engine with a host of special new rules for amphibious and
airborne operations, plus a huge number of other enhancements.

Game Features

  •  New game engine with improved
    user interface

  •  New AI system

  •  New user friendly game and map

  •  Multiple resolution support

  •  Special rules for Amphibious
    and Airborne operations

  •  Carpet Bombing

  •  Naval Bombardment

  •  Mulberries (Artificial

  •  Bridge building, minefield and
    strongpoint creation

  •  New supply rules

  •  New rules for anti-aircraft
    and anti-partisan operations

  •  New options for hidden units

  •  New rules for extended
    movement and refitting units

  •  Extensive Rollover Help

  •  Auto email and security functions
    for PBEM games

  •  Extensive Tournament and
    Handicapping options for PBEM games

  •  Evolved Units can change their
    characteristics mid-game

For more information, visit the main
Matrix Games page at
  and the SSG / Run 5  page at


Matrix Games produces, markets and
publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since
2002, Matrix Games has published several award-winning games, including Korsun
Pocket, Highway to the Reich, Uncommon Valor and Eric Young’s Squad Assault.
Matrix Games is based in Staten Island, New York. For more information, visit
the Matrix Games website at


Strategic Studies Group (SSG) was
founded in Australia during the 1980s by Roger Keating and Ian Trout with the
release of their first game, Reach for the Stars. Over the last twenty years and
over fifty computer games, SSG has grown from a fledgling company to one of the
driving forces in Computer Strategy in the world today. SSG’s Decisive Battles
series has won as much acclaim as any modern wargame. Their work continues with
an upcoming Decisive Battles title to follow Battles In Normandy. For more
information, visit the SSG website at