Registration opens for Xbox LIVE Dashboard Spring 2012 Beta Program

It seems like just yesterday Microsoft rolled out the new Metro-looking Xbox LIVE dashboard for Xbox 360.  The most recent Xbox 360 dashboard update, which released in December introduced not only a newer, sleeker look modeled after the Windows Phone 7, but also began the transformation of the Xbox 360 console from a gaming-only machine to a single entertainment hub bringing gaming, TV, music, and social media to households all from one system.  The dashboard update brought new features like Bing search and a slew of apps like YouTube, Crackle, Facebook, etc., as well as all-new Xbox Kinect voice and hand gesture integration.

With all that being said and done, Microsoft isn't sitting still, as it gears up for yet another dashboard update.  Microsoft has reportedly begun to accept internal applicants for the Spring 2012 dashboard beta.  According to the Microsoft Connect website, Microsoft has begun the initial steps for the Xbox LIVE Update Program, accepting registrations for Spring 2012 Beta Program.

As taken directly from the site:

Internal Beta Program:  We are actively accepting registrations for the Spring 2012 Beta Program (Microsoft Internal Only).  If you've reached this page and you are a registered member please make sure you are signed in with the Windows Live ID you have registered with us for this program.

It'll be interesting to see what Microsoft does with the current dashboard.  Seeing as how they just redesigned it, I don't expect anything too drastic.  Maybe a few minor tweaks and changes.  I'm sure we'll learn more as we get closer.