Register Now For Fighter Ace II Historical Event, "The Thriller For Manila"



ALERT: JULY 14, 2000





today announced that registration for Fighter Ace II’s massively multiplayer
"The Thriller for Manila" is now underway on (
). "The Thriller for Manila," which takes place on July 30, is the
latest in a series of semi-historical events taking place on for
Fighter Ace II. With upwards of 1000 registered flyers, these events feature
detailed operational plans and player command staffs, making for
adrenaline-pumping game play. To take part, flyers must register by July 23 at


Thriller for Manila" is set in January 1945. The United States Sixth
Army, under General Krueger, has landed at Lingayen Bay on Luzon Island of the
Philippines. Supported by the Fifth Air Force of the United States Army Air
Force and units of the United States Navy, they are driving southward toward
Manila. The Japanese Fourteenth Army, under Lieutenant General Tomoyuki
Yamashita (the "Tiger of Malaya") is composed of over 152,000 men,
and they are supported by the smaller Kembu group to the north of the capital
city. The Japanese hold the major base at Clark Airfield, which sits astride
the U.S. route of advance. Two massive armies and air forces are poised for
the battle that will determine the final outcome of the war. Gamers are
invited to see if they can change history. The battle commences on July 30,
2000 at 12:00pm PDT on


Fighter Ace II, players battle for airborne supremacy by coordinating battle
plans with their wingmen and squad mates. Fighter aces must defend their
territory, secure new strategic positions, and blast bogies in an on-going war
between British, German, United States, Russian, and Japanese aircraft.
Fighter Ace II’s accurately modeled World War II aircraft include such planes
as the DeHavilland Mosquito, the F4U-4 Corsair and the legendary Zero. Players
can completely customize the ordnance load-out of their planes including
auxiliary fuel, bombs and rockets. With an entirely new physics, flight and
damage model, along with aircraft mounted rockets and territorial combat with
player triggered tanks, Fighter Ace II brings a level of realism never before
experienced in an online-only air combat game. For more information on the
game, visit the official Web for Fighter Ace II at


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