Refunds coming for The Last of Us: Remastered price drop

Fans who pre-ordered The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4 prior to the recent price drop should expect a $10 refund some time in the next five to seven business days. Originally available for $60, Sony dropped the price to $50 over the weekend without so much of an announcement.

Those who pre-ordered the game through retailers like Amazon and Gamestop should have already been refunded the $10 difference, but there was some initial confusion over whether those who purchased it from the PlayStation Store would receive the same treatment. So Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation, took it upon himself to clear up any misunderstanding, revealing via Twitter that Sony will, too, offer a $10 refund to those who already pre-ordered.

The Last of Us: Remastered is due out exclusively on the PS4 this July 29.