RedOctane Launches Guitar Hero World Tour!

RedOctane Launches Guitar Hero World Tour!

Sunnyvale, Calif., November 8, 2005 – RedOctane
announced today the launch of the highly anticipated rock’n roll guitar video
game, Guitar Hero in retail stores across America. Appearing exclusively on the
PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, Guitar Hero was developed by veteran
music video game creator Harmonix and combines addictive game play with some of
the greatest rock songs of all-time.

Guitar Hero lets gamers experience the thrill and
excitement of being a rock star without leaving home! By pressing down on the
fret buttons of a specially designed guitar controller, gamers play notes and
chords by strumming in time on a ‘strum bar’ representing the strings of an
electric guitar.

Players can choose from eight different rock
characters ranging from metal heads to classic rockers and play at a variety of
concert venues that grow in size as your rock career progresses. In career mode,
gamers can earn money to purchase unlockable characters, songs, guitar skins and
behind the scenes videos.

Guitar Hero features hits spanning all the facets
of rock music, from classic rock to metal including tracks made famous by such
legendary artists as Boston, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Sum 41, Ozzy
Osbourne, Audioslave, White Zombie, Franz Ferdinand and The Ramones. The game
also includes Graveyard BBQ, the winner of the first ever "Be A Guitar Hero"
song competition and their original song "Cheat on the Church".

GUITAR HERO SG CONTROLLER Well-known as a leading
creator of video game peripherals, RedOctane designed the first US Guitar
Controller for the PlayStation2. The officially licensed Guitar Hero SG
Controller is a sleek, guitar-shaped controller held just like a real guitar
that features five responsive fret buttons, a durable strum bar, an internal
tilt sensor, a fully functional whammy bar, and stylized START and SELECT
buttons that resemble a guitar’s actual volume knobs.

MARKETING PROGRAMS Marketing efforts for Guitar
Hero include an exclusive deal with musical giant Gibson Guitar where a
selection of famous Gibson electric guitar models will be featured in the game
play. Gibson Guitar will feature Guitar Hero throughout all promotional stops on
the TKO College Tour and provide contesting. Additionally, print ad campaigns,
on-air radio promotions and online advertising will support Guitar Hero.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION The game has met rave
reviews in the gaming community, winning "Best of Show 2005" at the Electronics
Entertainment Expo (E3), it was unveiled at the annual "G-Phoria" 2005 – G4
videogame TV’s "The Mother of All Videogame Award Shows" and most recently was
nominated for Best Soundtrack by the Spike TV "Video Game Awards 2005".

The independent Entertainment Software Rating
Board (ESRB) rates Guitar Hero "T" for Teen and the game bundle will retail for
$69.99. The bundle includes the Guitar Hero game, the Guitar Hero SG Controller,
adjustable guitar strap and sticker sheet.

Gamers nationwide can buy Guitar Hero at Best
Buy, GameStop, and Electronics Boutique (EB), For more on Guitar Hero, please
visit the official game site