Red Rocket Games Announces MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS

February 12, 2009

Red Rocket Games Announces MEVO &

First Downloadable Music/Rhythm
Platform Game for the Casual PC Market

Red Rocket Games today announced
that its first game will be MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS, a synchronized music/rhythm
platform game for the casual PC game market. MEVO, the game’s main character,
has to reunite his band, the Grooveriders, and bring ‘FUNK’ back to the
universe. To move MEVO through the game’s five fantastic worlds, players must
tap 2 keys to the rhythm of the game’s music, as it gets played and shown in the
game. All tracks are original, produced in-house with live musicians, and
feature a unique and playful retro-funky style that varies from organic to
electronic tracks. MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS will be available for download in
March 2009 on online distribution sites.

“Parents and kids, hardcore or
casual – all players will be drawn to MEVO & THE GROOVERIDER’s great music, fun
gameplay mechanic, beautiful art and very accessible yet challenging gameplay,”
said Jung Suh, CEO of Red Rocket Games. “The game can also be customized to the
player’s abilities and styles and, unlike other casual games, Red Rocket will be
making updates to the game directly through patches to keep the action fresh and
the gameplay fun and replayable.”

In MEVO’s quest to reunite his band,
bring back ‘FUNK’, and defeat the enemy SILENCE, players must successfully
progress through five beautifully crafted worlds (Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space
and Wormhole), finding avatars along the way that will help our reluctant hero
unlock other levels and reach certain scores. Using a simple 2-key tap system
(space bar and enter), players tap out the beats to re-energize MEVO and push
him forward.

As the game progresses, the beat
sequences become more complex, evolving from basic single beats to rapid beats,
combinations, sequences and long-hold sustains with breaks. By successfully
completing the levels, players can access new areas and songs, or be rewarded
with in-game items, such as avatar pieces that are needed to activate power-ups.
Power-ups include slow mo, shield up, “perfect boost” scoring, and autopilot. No
matter what skill level, players are rewarded with avatars, dance packs and
badges to help progress through the game or to simply display proudly on the
game’s online portal and community. Even though the game is accessible and easy
to play for all levels of players, advanced players will be challenged with the
game’s multiple layers of game play, including hidden levels, power-ups, badges
and dance packs.

Other Key MEVO Features:

  • Personalization – Players can
    personalize their MEVO with 17 body sets, 23 headsets and 6 dance sets,
    including customized avatars and costumes, such as Ninjas, British Dandy,
    Reindeers, Pumpkins, and more. Some avatar pieces/sets even have additional
    power-ups associated with them, such as score multipliers or invincibility.

  • Community – offers
    players a place to create and showcase profiles of MEVO characters and
    customized avatars. Badges can also be proudly displayed within the community,
    and the site will feature leader boards and high scores. When users share
    their own levels, the community will also be able to vote on their favorites.

  • Great replayability – Players can
    replay the game with many variables, including trying to acquire different
    badges, achieving perfect play through, experiencing all of the alternate
    endings, or finding all the power-ups, avatars and dance packs throughout the
    levels. The game will also be updated directly through patches, unlike other
    casual games.

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