Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hopes Pokemon GO players will be “embarrassed to say they were part of this”

Bruh, why even?

Steve Cardenas the Red Ranger from 1993's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aka Rocky DeSantos, has a bit of a bone to pick with Pokemon GO players. The man whose career is almost entirely made up of fans who loved him as the Red Ranger, has taken to social media to criticize how consumed Pokemon GO players have becoming with the game.

Cardenas hopes that in the future people will say they are "embarrassed" to have played the game and that people are simply "being obsessed with a far and taking it to the extreme." Surely, the issue of obsession has never plagued the Power Rangers community and has in no way helped Cardenas remain relevant today.

Taking to Instagram, Cardenas shared the following message:

People are too obsessed with this game. Don't let it consume you. Let's hope Pokemon GO is in its 14th minute. Please. Let let this craze die like the Macarena! Haha. I hope everyone who's playing this now in a year from now will be embarrassed to say they were part of this…much like congress voting for the Iraq War. Everyone just wishes they could have a takeback. Hahah.

Which was followed by this, after some of his community fired back:

Ok. Fair enough guys about the getting the people out of the house and moving around and whatnot. I just hate that people are so obsessed with it. That's what's crazy to me…not the getting out and moving about. That's cool. But when people are making it their whole life and driving and playing and not looking when they're crossing the street, and walking around in strange places alone can be dangerous too. So while I see everyone's side about the the coming together and doing an outdoor activity, I have an issue with letting it consume your life. That's all

Ultimately, it ended with this:

So I'm not a fan of the game. Big deal. For those who are leaving really rude comments on my page I say this. Why you take it so seriously? All you're doing is proving my point about obsession. You want to unfollow me cuz I say something about a game that you disagree with? Jeez don't be so sensitive. It's not about the game itself that I have a problem with. It's just people being obsessed with a fad and taking it to the extreme that my issue. The positive aspect of people getting out and about is fine. But taking it so far that you are not aware of your surroundings or you let it consume you and you don't have balance about playing it can be counterproductive. That's my real issue. So, unfollow me if you want. Be rude to me if you want, but know my side and understand my perspective and if you still disagree with me then you're proving my point. Go have fun playing. But be safe and don't shirk your regular responsibilities as a result. That's all. Thanks guys.

Cardenas does make a solid point with people not paying attention. The mobile game has become the most used apps fairly quickly and has facilitated accidents like people walking off of cliffs. However many solid points the Red Ranger has, he probably shouldn't be criticizing fandoms – especially when he survives off of his own.