Record of Agarest War 2 now downloadable on PSN

Record of Agarest War 2, the sexualized JRPG from developer Idea Factory, landed on the PlayStation 3 earlier this summer, and it looks like you won't actually have to leave the house now if you want to play it.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Record of Agarest 2 is now available on the PlayStation Network. That's awesome for those manly JRPG fans who don't want to be seen in public paying money for the game. I mean, that box art is pretty colorful, and those characters are mighty girly, so yeah.

Record of Agarest 2 looks to improve on the gameplay of its predecessor, offering tighter tactical RPG mechanics. I can't confirm this for myself just yet, but I will be reviewing the game fairly soon, so watch out for that.

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