Reckoning: A Hero’s Guide to Amalur Fulfills Dreams of a Better Fable

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the upcoming Action/RPG from EA with the collaborative efforts of R.A. Salvatore who created the game universe and Todd McFarlane who is working on the artwork.

This trailer showcases the various hero paths the player can take when it comes to customizing your character with skills. The cool thing is that you're never tied down to a single class, but instead you're able to adapt to situations and switch from a battle hardened warrior to a spellcasting wizard.

Twisted Fate cards are also awarder for certain acts, which grant various bonuses to your character, though they apparently won't be easy to acquire, and will take some skill.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning seems to be the game that Fable has been trying to be for many years now. Not only does it have a similar premise (a hero and a world that is shaped based on your decisions) but also evokes the Fable series in looks, though I have to say that Reckoning looks far better.

Will Reckoning be the ultimate Action/RPG that lets players ultimately shape their hero the way they want? From the looks of it, it sure seems like it.

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