Realtime Worlds addresses future of APB

APB burst onto the scene with equal parts flair and machismo, only to stumble face-first on its own shotgun. Although MMOs are expected to be continual works-in-progress, their receptions are rarely as divided as APB’s, with scores to lavish the game with praises and drag it through the mud. GameZone’s review, written by Jonathan H. Cooper, lined up with most scores at a decent, but certainly not stellar, 6.5.

Community Officer Neil Castle is getting proactive, and has posted a list of high-priority changes entitled, “APB: The Road Ahead.”

Two of the major issues being addressed are matchmaking and mission structures, both of which were main complaints in our review. At present, unlucky players can often find themselves facing off against players with far superior gear, or joining a mission immediately before your new team is about to lose.

The complete list of priorities includes:
– Cheaters
– Vehicle Handling
– Combat
– Matchmaking
– Camping
– Missions
– Rulesets

Obviously, Realtime Worlds has a lot to tackle, and the developer is asking for your help. Some of the proposed changes are currently being examined in the Public Test World. In the meantime, Castle invites all players to voice their concerns at the official APB forums.