Realtime Associates Announces Soul Trapper for iPhone and iPod Touch

October 6, 2008

Associates Announces Soul Trapper for iPhone and iPod Touch

Realtime Associates Announces
First Title for New Audio Adventure Game Category for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Realtime Associates, one of the
longest established independent video and computer game studios in operation,
announced today that it will launch Realtime Audio Adventures, a collection of
interactive audio adventure games designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod
touch. Their first title for the new category, Soul Trapper, will be available
later this month.

Realtime Audio Adventures are
compelling “interactive radio dramas” or "audio text adventures" that intertwine
audio stories with interactive gameplay to create in-depth storylines that
require the active participation of the listener to complete. These long-form
casual games have serious plotlines and feature complex stories that involve
solving puzzles, listening for clues, and even mastering action sequences.

“Realtime has taken a distinct
approach to App Store game development,” said David Warhol, president of
Realtime Associates. “Instead of gameplay being strictly visual, the player must
listen to follow along with the story to discover information and unlock clues
that drive the story. It’s an audio adventure game rather than a standard video

Soul Trapper follows the turbulent
life of Kane Pryce, a 27 year-old drifter who possesses a mysterious device
known as the Soul Trap. The Soul Trap is a supernaturally charged object that
allows him to hunt down, capture, and send ghosts from the earthly realm to the
afterlife. In this chilling adventure story, players help Kane unlock the
mysteries surrounding a haunted church that stirs newfound emotions while
navigating a maze of gangsters, dames, ghosts, and demons!

Realtime Audio Adventures today also
announced two audio adventure titles in development for the iPhone and iPod
touch; Bloodvine, a modern day vampire action/romance, and L.A. Knight, a
classic noir-style detective story set in Los Angeles in the late 30s.

To find out more about Realtime
Audio Adventures, please visit: