Real Racing In Real Racing Cars Only The Best Set For TOCA Race Driver 2006

Real racing in real racing cars –
only the best set for TOCA Race Driver 2006

New York  (July 14, 2005) – If variety is the spice of life, then
TOCA Race Driver 2006
will get any racing gamer hot under the helmet:
it’s going to be crammed with some of the world’s greatest real racing cars
when it launches in February 2006 for PlayStation®2 computer
entertainment system, the Xbox® videogame system from Microsoft and PC.

In TOCA Race Driver 2006 players will compete in more than 100
individual championships covering 35 different racing disciplines – that’s more
than any other racing game has ever offered. Forget modded cars, forget
streetcars, forget fictional racecars, just jump straight into some of the
world’s most exciting real competition cars – both modern and historic.
TOCA Race Driver 2006’s career disciplines cover GT, Off Road,
Touring Cars, Historic, Open Wheel, Rally and Oval and drivers can choose to
jump in and out of each one. The game’s authentic handling engine will give
players the nuances of racing every individual car, providing for a huge range
of different racing experiences.
TOCA Race Driver 2006 features the Dodge Charger that’s new
on the NASCAR circuits this year. Alternatively, drivers can try the open-wheel
endurance with the IndyCar Series championship cars at Indianapolis.
Players will also see how a specific racecar type has evolved through history,
from the most technically advanced modern cars to historic classics, when
victory really was all down to the driver’s skill. From the most modern BMW
Williams F1 Team car, through to Damon Hills’ championship winning FW18 of the
1990s, Nelson Piquet’s classic FW11b of the ‘80s, the Lotus 49 of the ‘60s right
back to the Mercedes-Benz W25 Silver Arrow of the ‘30s when it was it was all
about the most powerful engine on the lightest car with the fewest technical
aids, being driven by the greatest driver.
Other key international race competitions, featuring all the real racecars,
include Germany’s DTM and Australia’s V8 Supercars series. Both
championships will feature the 2005 season, complete with car set-ups, practice
sessions, and qualifying races.

For a change of pace and exhilaration, drivers can try the 4×4 Monster Series
trucks with their huge, air-filled, 1.5m tires, 4WD steering and low-end
torque that’ll let players pull wheelies from the start! Similar racing, on a
smaller scale, is found when taking the Baja Beetles off road. In a
white-knuckle ride across the dirt tracks, there are plenty of jumps that really
send the Bajas flying!
There’s also plenty to show off technical racing, especially with F3, Formula
BMW and the Formula Palmer Audi with its turbo boost function that
delivers an extra whack of 50bph to the engine. Though use the turbo tactically
to overtake or achieve a fastest lap time – it lasts just eight seconds and
players can only use it eight times in a race.

With more than 40 championship circuits, drivers will be racing some of the
greatest cars on the greatest tracks – sometimes taking them to an unusual
location. How about taking a V8 car out of Australia and race its 5.0 Litre
engine at the Nurburgring or taking a TVR from the British GT out east and
racing it at the Shanghai International Circuit?

With so many different racing experiences and real racing cars, TOCA Race
Driver 2006
is revving up for a release in February 2006 on PlayStation
2, Xbox and PC. Get in the driving seat with more online at

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