Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution Boxers Get Ready to Weigh In

February 25, 2009

Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution Boxers
Get Ready to Weigh In

Meet the Hilarious Parodied
Personalities from ‘Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution’ at the Official Website

Atari comes out swinging with the
launch of the official website for Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution at
. Visitors to the site will be introduced to
the larger-than-life personalities from the game through videos featuring
voiceover by Alan Ford, the British actor who portrayed the tough-talking ‘Brick
Top’ in the acclaimed 2000 movie Snatch. In the Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution
videos, Ford brings his inimitable cockney delivery to bear as hard-talking
boxing promoter Diamond Jim who really takes the gloves off when introducing the
likes of Mosh Deck’em and old friend Fight Clubber.

Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution features
a roster of 18 wildly caricatured cartoony would-be boxers from the worlds of
sports, music and movies. The introductory videos narrated by Alan Ford give a
lively blow by blow account of the fighting histories and grueling training
regimes of these super-sized egos.

Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution is
scheduled for European release exclusively for Wii on 17 March 2009. For more
information on Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, visit