Raunchy free-to-play shooter Loadout coming to PS4

Developer Edge of Reality is bringing their free-to-play shooter Loadout to PS4, with all its over-the-top goodness.

The news comes from creative director Mark Nau’s post on the PlayStation Blog, promising the same wacky gameplay that’s attracted over 3 million players to the PC version. In addition, Edge of Reality will be “adjusting all the scopes and balancing the barrels” to ensure a smooth transition between the PC experience to consoles—a welcomed bit of polish given the unruly nature of some weapons.

Loadout is a team-based third-person shooter featuring a deeply customizable weapons system. Barrel type, magazine size, firing rate, scope, ammo type—you can adjust every last detail to suit your playstyle. Combined with unlockable gear and upgrades, the weapons make Loadout a unique shooter in today’s market—one I called an enjoyably hectic shooting experience in my review.

[via Gematsu]