Raptr: Dota 2 overthrows Leauge of Legends as most played game

It's unofficial, but Raptr, a website which tracks player stats and gameplay time, has found that Dota 2 has overthrown League of Legends as the most played game — at least for the month of August 2013.

The website acknowledges that its 18 million members "skews more North America-centric than the total gaming audience, so we aren't saying categorically that more people spent more time playing Dota 2 than LoL.

"But among Raptr members, they definitely did, although it was close," the site said. The list includes only PC and Xbox 360 games as Sony and Nintendo don't let players share gameplay data publicly.

Riot's numbers have allegedly taken a "substantial hit of late." Total League of Legends playtime hours have dropped 13% in the last 30 day, and while new members in that same timeframe are up 27%, overall unique active members are down 6%. "That suggests older, established players are drifting away, and the new players coming in aren’t engaging as deeply," the site reasons.

Comparatively, Dota 2, in the same 30-day window, saw an 11% increase in unique active members while new signups were down 3%. "It's the exact opposite of LoL's problem," the site explained. "Players are engaging long term, but the influx of new blood is starting to dip."

For the month of September, Raptr finds a fairly even split among its users between League of Legends and Dota 2. It's believed that LoL's numbers will be temporarily boosted based on the ongoing World Championships; however, it's clear LoL isn't the same unstoppable force it once was. It does bleed!

LoL vs Dota 2