Ranger Mode returns in Metro: Last Light as DLC

Metro 2033's popular Ranger Mode is returning in Metro: Last Light. By pre-ordering the game, you'll receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition which includes an the more difficult Ranger Mode — a more difficult setting for the game's campaign.

For those up to the challenge, the Ranger Mode is "complete immersion," with an emphasis on survival horror; I'm talking no HUD or crosshairs, limited ammo, gas mask filters, and medkits, increased bullet damage for you and your enemies, and "brutal, hardcore combat."

Deep Silver describes it as "the way it was meant to be played." Stealth and tactical combat, they say, will be key to your survival. Don't worry, you'll be given some help in the mode. The Limited Edition version also includes an exclusive in-game weapon and 100 in-game military grade bullets, both only usable in Ranger mode. As bullets are a form of currency in Metro, you can choose to use these perks in combat or to purchase precious resources. 

"There's a good amount of development time and cost involved in making a new and expanded version of Ranger Mode for the entire Metro: Last Light campaign aside from the regular campaign with 3 difficulty modes," explained Deep Silver when asked why this mode wasn't already included in the game, "and these things are planned separately instead of one single thing."

For those who don't getMetro: The Light Limited Edition, you'll still have an opportunity to play experience the suspenseful Ranger Mode; although, you'll have to purchase the mode separately as DLC on release date.