Rainbow Six Lockdown – The Multiplayer Experience – Taking the Best and Making it Better

Rainbow Six Lockdown – The Multiplayer
Experience – Taking the Best and Making it Better

The Rainbow Six franchise is widely known as
one of the best multiplayer games available to-date and Rainbow Six Lockdown is
no exception to that reputation. Taking the best and making it better, the game
has taken the best features and game elements from previous Rainbow Six games
and combined them into one spectacular multiplayer experience. Rainbow Six
Lockdown will include new features original to the Rainbow Six franchise such as
allowing players to not only play as a Team Rainbow member, but giving them the
option to play as a mercenary in all adversarial modes. Another innovative
addition to the multiplayer experience is the use of dynamic maps. Players will
have the ability to affect the map in real time by use of machinery (like
cranes) or automated doors. This will allow them to open up or close paths and
access routes to different locations on the map.

Rainbow Six Lockdown Multiplayer modes

  • Cooperative – Mission (PS2 and Xbox): Play cooperatively
    Campagin as Team Rainbow.

  • Cooperative – Terrorist Hunt (PS2 and Xbox): Play
    cooperatively through Single-Player missions as Team Rainbow and eliminate all

  • Team Adversarial (PS2) / Team Survival (Xbox): Death-match
    between Team Rainbow versus the Mercenaries. The team with the most kills when
    time is up wins.

  • Team Retrieval (PS2) / Retrieval (Xbox): Play as either Team
    Rainbow or the Mercenaries. The team to retrieve the most canister objects
    (Xbox)/flags (PS2) within the time limit wins.

  • Total Conquest (Xbox): The team to capture and hold all three
    satellite transmitters for a short duration wins the round.

  • Team Sharpshooter (Xbox): Team deathmatch with respawn. The
    team with the most kills when the time expires wins.

All New Screenshots

Brand New to the Multiplayer Experience:

  • Exclusive to the PlayStation®2 – Team Rivalry

  • Exclusive to the Xbox® — Persistent Elite Creation

More details to be unleashed in the coming weeks about the new,
innovative multiplayer modes that will revolutionize the world of online gaming.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown ships March 2005 and is being
developed for the PlayStation®2 at Red Storm Entertainment, and for the
Microsoft Xbox® at Ubisoft’s Montreal studio.