Rainbow Six Lockdown – PS2 Rivalry Mode Video

Rainbow Six Lockdown – PS2 Rivalry Mode

August 23, 2005 – In the near future, terror
has escalated to a new level: bioterrorism. A global terrorist network threatens
to strike with a terrifying nanotech virus

but the
target is uncertain. Team Rainbow, an elite counter-terrorism unit, is
spearheading a new war on terror. They are the only ones who can save millions
of innocent lives threatened by radical terrorists.

But when Team Rainbow is personally attacked,
close-quarter battles reach unprecedented levels of tension and intensity. They
will do whatever it takes to protect their people and bring then home. Team
Rainbow does not negotiate with terror. They destroy it.

The ultimate multi-player tactical shooter is
back and better than ever with Rivalry mode, exclusively for the PlayStation 2.
Check out what it has to offer in this brand new video: