Rainbow Six Patriots Introduces New “Sandtable” in Multiplayer

Ubisoft is looking to add a new element of multiplayer strategy and planning in the form of a new "Sandtable".  According to the assets just released from Ubisoft about the new game, Rainbow Six Patriots includes a new feature found in the pre-game online lobby.  If used correctly, the Sandtable should "enhance communication and tactical execution between teammates."

The Sandtable is "a holographic displaythat helps acquaint players with the level maps before they jump into action."  So simple, yet so helpful.  While it won't really play a huge factor in the long run, it does provide some balance for those new to the game who have never seen the maps before.

"This will help players strategically coordinate attacks and add a new dimension to squad tactics."

Not much else was revealed, but it'd be interesting to see if the new Sandtable allows you to ping coordinates and set markers on the map so that you could see it in-game.