RaiderZ wants you to ‘Hunt Together or Die Alone’ in the Open Beta starting today

You might recall that we've gotten numerous hands-on opportunities with Perfect World's Monster Hunter style, Free 2 Play MMO, RaiderZ. Being a fast paced, real time combat MMO, combined with the difficulty of games like Monster Hunter, it's easy to see why it was so high on our list of must play F2P MMOs.

Perfect World Entertainment announced that RaiderZ, is now live in Open Beta and players can head to to experience fast paced action right now.

"The positive response from both players and critics alike to RaiderZ has been incredible," said Mark Hill, RaiderZ Senior Producer. "Today, we'd like to thank fans who've followed the development of the game and welcome everyone to join the RaiderZ Open Beta and explore the Kingdom of Rendel. This is just the first part of our commitment to provide a great experience for years to come."

In RaiderZ, players must "Hunt Together or Die Alone" if they hope to succeed in battles against Rendel's most deadly creatures. With its action-oriented combat system, flexible class system, unique and engaging boss encounters, and stunning environments, RaiderZ promises a breath of fresh air to fans of MMORPGs. The best part: RaiderZ is free-to-play.

You pretty much don't have an excuse to not jump in and start playing RaiderZ immediately. Trust is, it's freaking awesome