Ragnarok Odyssey ACE releases in early 2014, improves online experience

Those who missed out on Ragnarok Odyssey last year — namely anyone who's refrained from buying a PlayStation Vita — will get a second chance early next year, when Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, an updated version of the role-playing game, releases for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Publisher Xseed Games plans to roll out free, additional content after launch through the version 1.10 update, which hit Japan this week. It adds several online features, such as daily quests, online rankings, log-in bonuses, and various random card draws.

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE allows for cross-platform play between the PS3 and Vita. Players can transfer their character's basic features such as name, face, and job class (not clothing), as well as weapon and monster cards (except those equipped to clothing or acquired through the Near feature), from Ragnarok Odyssey to ACE.

Purchased downloadable content can also be carried over by redownloading it from the PlayStation Store.

ACE also introduces a new Tower of Yggdrasil dungeon that generates random dungeons, an enhanced battle system, and new bosses and items.

Both game versions will cost $40, but Vita copies will ship with a soundtrack CD featuring 25 songs.