Rage and Sleeping Dogs to get DLC on PSN next week

Hey, remember Rage? That's that id Software-developed FPS that was criminally underrated and a ton of fun to play. Well, it's getting some DLC on December 18. Oh, and so is Sleeping Dogs!

The reveal was made during this week's PlayStation Blogcast, where minor details were given about the upcoming add-on content for both games. Rage will receive The Scorchers, which will add new missions and an Ultra Nightmare difficulty.

Meanwhile on the Sleeping Dogs front, players will be able to download the Zodiac Tournament Pack. This DLC adds a new island to the game, as well as brand new outfits and extra fighting attacks.

So, who's excited about this DLC news? Personally, I'm looking forward to jumping back into the messed up world of Rage again.

[PlayStation Blog via Joystiq]

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