Radiate Your Sets With TAC’s Illuminated Drumsticks

August 7, 2008

Illuminated Drumsticks In Red or
Blue Now Available to Light the Way For Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour
Drum Sets

The Ant Commandos (TAC), a leading
provider of innovative wireless video game music peripherals and accessories,
announced today that it is now shipping its highly anticipated Illuminated
Drumsticks made for musical video game drum sets. The Illuminated Drumsticks are
available in two captivating colors: flame red and electric blue, and are
available at a suggested retail price of $19.99 and include two drumsticks in
each package.

For anyone bored playing with the
old-fashioned wooden drumsticks, the new Illuminated Drumsticks are the perfect
alternative offering new innovation for Rock Band drummers everywhere. The
entire body of the drumsticks will illuminate in flame red or electric blue
light when the player strikes them on any surface, providing a dramatic and
entertaining light show for all.

"When performing with TAC’s new
Illuminated Drumsticks, Rock Band drummers will literally be the highlight of
the band" said Jesse Manwill, Senior Manager, Product Management at TAC. "The
incredible light effects of our Illuminated Drumsticks will be a hit for players
and audiences alike. The unique strike-activated whole body LED illumination
provides mind-blowing effects during intense flames and rolls."

Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour
fans will love the special features included with the innovative Illuminated
Drumsticks. One of the hottest features is the strike-activated illumination of
the drum stick body, which allows for incredible light show. In addition to
their realistic look and feel, the handle area of the Illuminated Drumsticks
also contains a comfort grip, providing a comfortable and secure grip for
extended play. The Illuminated Drumsticks are made of a special durable,
transparent polycarbonate material. The drumsticks also provide easy access to
batteries and use 2 standard AAA. Each set of battery will last months under
normal playing condition.