R.Mika appears to be censored in latest Street Fighter 5 build

No butt slap for you!

It looks like Capcom has done a little tweaking to Street Fighter V since we saw it last. According to the latest look at Street Fighter 5, R.Mika has been toned down quite a bit. The changes were noticed by NeoGaf user, CO_Andy, and in a demonstrative match between R. Mika and Nash.

This could be Capcom’s way of getting back at all the dataminers for their leaks or simply an addition to the slew of games that have recently been censored – who knows (it’s probably the latter).

Let’s take a look at the less obvious censorship tweak first… In the previous build for Street Fighter 5, R. Mika would hold her opponents legs (with help from Nadeshiko) in a split during a move, this is not longer the case. Now her opponents legs are much closer together.


Open Legs



This might be a bit more obvious as a change from the previous version to the current version. R. Mika’s “invaluable” butt slap has been replaced with a very different camera angle — one that shows her upper body, instead of her very robust lower body (also known as booty).


Butt Slap


No Butt

Does any of this content add to the game’s story? Probably not, but this is what game ratings were created for.

Street Fighter 5 is set to release for the PlayStation 4 on February 16, 2016.