"PR for Games" Conference a Success


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 10,
2004 – Kohnke Communications, a public relations agency specializing in
interactive entertainment, held their second annual “PR for Games” conference
last Thursday at the renowned Fairmont San Francisco. Publicists, journalists
and marketing professionals traveled from throughout North America as well as
the United Kingdom to participate, resulting in record attendance.

Ken Levine of Irrational Games
kicked off the conference with a call to action – challenging public relations
professionals to regard their jobs as scientifically as game developers do, and
urging all to find heroes and high standards by which to measure their work. The
rest of the day’s discussions centered around this principle – including talks
regarding cover acquisition, marketing challenges, working with Hollywood, how
PR effects retail, broadcast tactics and PR lessons from other industries.

Speakers and affiliations included:

  • Aaron Boulding, IGN

  • Karen Conroe, Ubisoft

  • John Cross, Electronics Boutique

  • Flint Dille, Bureau of Film and

  • Gregory Ellwood, Freelancer

  • Eugene Evans, Mythic Entertainment

  • Steve Fowler, Sega/Sammy Holdings

  • Marc Franklin, Konami Digital
    Entertainment – America

  • Neil Haldar, MGM Interactive

  • Heather Hawkins, Metreon – A Sony
    Entertainment Center

  • Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Electronic Gaming

  • Ken Levine, Irrational Games

  • Mitch Kampf, Logitech Inc.

  • Sean Kauppinen, Sony Online

  • John Keefer, GameSpy

  • Justin Keeling, G4 Media Inc.

  • Geoff Keighley, Entertainment
    Weekly & Business 2.0

  • Richard Leibowitz, Union

  • Ken Levine, Irrational Games

  • Carter Lipscomb, AOL Games

  • Scott McGrew, NBC Universal, KNTV

  • Andy McNamara, Game Informer

  • Dan Morris, PC Gamer * Wes Nihei,

  • Michelle Nino-Schroder, Activision

  • Mike Sabine, International
    Development Group

  • Tammy Schachter, Electronic Arts

  • Larry Stern, EXTRA

  • Tracey Thompson, Great Dane

  • Greg Vederman, PC Gamer

  • Tuyen Vo, GPlay

Next year’s “PR for Games”
conference is scheduled for November 3, 2005.

About Kohnke Communications LLC
Kohnke Communications LLC is a public relations agency specializing in
interactive entertainment. The agency provides comprehensive public relations
strategies, crisis management, event planning and media training tailored to the
video game industry.