"Pimp My Worm" with the Worms 4: Mayhem E-toy!

"Pimp My Worm" with the Worms 4:
Mayhem E-toy!

Dress them up, make them cool or
stupid, rude or sweet – here’s your chance to "Pimp My Worm" with the Worms 4:
Mayhem e-toy, now live online at


Wriggle online and meet your very
own naked worm that’s itching to be dressed up, given something to say and
emailed to your mates. Choose a backdrop and then get busy adorning your worm
with headgear, hair, glasses, hands, and comedy moustaches too!

In no time at all, your unique worm
will soon be kitted out – often in the most ridiculous gear; from cowboy hats,
space helmets, and disco afro wigs to pink pop-specs, monocles and monster hands
or hands blinged up with rings.

All that’s left to do before
emailing your creation to your loved ones, is to give your worm something
suitable to say; probably "This Worm looks like you, it does".

Coming July 29th, Worms 4: Mayhem
celebrates the classic series’ 10th anniversary and marks the return of the
brilliant worm-on-worm action to PlayStation 2 (RRP 29.99), Xbox (RRP 29.99)
and PC (RRP 19.99).

With a story-based single player
campaign, more multiplayer battles than ever before, including online on PC and
Live on Xbox, Team 17’s Worms 4: Mayhem will be published by Codemasters.
Wriggle online for the e-toy, PC demo, videos and more at