"Deep Sea Tycoon 2" goes Beta!

"Deep Sea Tycoon 2" Goes Beta!

Pixel after Pixels’s newest game,
"Deep Sea Tycoon 2" is at Beta! This is the sequel to Anarchy Enterprises "Deep
Sea Tycoon" where players build an underwater paradise. The sequel expands on
the best parts of the original by focusing on the core of what players enjoyed
most – animated sealife and scuba divers in an imaginative dream world. Hands-on
time with the animals sets the pace for the game and the adventure develops
through 30 fun and humorous missions to challenge players with an amazing host
of super-detailed, animated sealife.

www.pixelafterpixel.com  for
more info.


• Tons of sealife – Turtles,
dolphins, whales, octopus, seahorses, starfish, and millions of colorful fish!
Every animal has different personality traits – getting to know all the animals
is half the fun!

• Fun, diverse scuba divers –
Generations of characters fill your underwater resort. Find out what motivates
kids, adults and seniors and you’ll earn big money to create new sealife!

• Relaxed and simple gameplay –
Chill out in this underwater dream world. Totally stress-free gaming experience
in a world of dazzling light and sound.

• Lots of buildings to choose from –
Breeders and Feeders let you create and care for a huge variety of underwater
animals, while Restaurants and Gift Shops earn fat cash from eager divers. The
more you earn, the more you can build!

• Trippy environment! – Gentle light
and wavy visuals put you in a dream world surrounded by the sounds of sealife,
soaked in an amazing, soothing soundtrack.

About Pixel after Pixel Pixel after
Pixel www.pixelafterpixel.com 
formed from industry veterans including long-time Tycoon guru’s of Anarchy
Enterprises, makers of Moon Tycoon, the original Deep Sea Tycoon, and National
Lampoon’s University Tycoon. Focused on high quality entertainment, Pixel after
Pixel is developing 4 games in 2005 benchmarked by quality, fun and humor for
the whole family.