Quantum Break is officially ready to release

Over a month before release.

As we approach the release date for the previously Xbox One exclusive game Quantum Break, Microsoft has been busy making announcements for the game, clearing up details and hyping its release with trailers. From what has been detailed, we know that pre-orders for Quantum Break will come with a free copy of the PC version, a backwards compatible version of the 360 game Alan Wake and the Alan Wake spinoff American Nightmare.

There's more good news for the game, it has gone gold! That's right, Remedy Games has officially finished all development on the game, making it ready for packaging.

Same Lake, the creative director of Quantum Break revealed the good news earlier today through a video on Twitter (as seen above). The game going gold over a month before release can mean a lot of things, especially because the game went through an a main character overhaul and was pushed back from releasing in 2015 to 2016 last year.

Quantum Break is set to release on the Xbox One and PC (via Windows 10) on April 5th.