Quantic Dream ‘didn’t want to do sci-fi’ with PS4’s Detroit

Says the studio developing a game about an android that feels.

Quantic Dream, the developer behind Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain took to Paris Games Week to reveal their latest game, Detroit, that's based off of an earlier PlayStation 3 tech demo. When Quantic Dream first released the demo in 2012, writer and director, David Cage was left frustrated saying, "I wanted to know what would happen to this character when she left the factory…this is how Detroit started."

According to Cage, Detroit answers the question of "what happens to Kara when she leaves the factory? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to have emotion?"

Don't be confused though – regardless of the fact that Detroit tells the story of an android, it is not really a sci-fi game. "We didn't want to do sci-fi. We didn't want to invent any technology that doesn't exist in labs today," said Cage. "We wanted the world to look familiar to the player so we really feel like, 'Oh, I know this place. This a real place,' but at the same time be surprised at each corner. "

While Detroit will feature some common points with stories that Quantic Dream has told before, it is based on story telling, based on emotion and the emotional involvement of the player. Detroit has it's 'own voice' that sets it apart, "The player is the core writer of the experience and that he will tell his own story through his actions," explained Cage. "So we can have a very significant impact on the story, and more than the story, the world itself.