Q&A from TDK on Lady Sai for GBA


"She Lives for Adventure.
She Fights to Save Her Kingdom
… She Needs You to Watch Her Back"

Lady Sia is on her way to a GBA screen
near you – and she’s no damsel in distress. When the cruel and merciless
T’soas imprison Lady Sia’s people, she takes it upon herself to escape
from her jail cell and go on a journey to save her lands. Along the way
she will collect different spells and weapons, search for secret areas
and bonuses, traverse four lands (each with 5 levels), solve mystifying
puzzles, and ultimately defeat the nefarious Onimen (your archenemy) and
his minions (all 21 different kinds of them!).

Set to take advantage of the 32 bit GBA
system with great graphics, larger than life monsters, and full screen
magical effects, Lady Sia is calling for heroes…. Will you answer? 

We had a chance to ask the development
team a few questions about the warrior princess and her GBA adventures –
so get your battle cry ready and prepare for Lady Sia’s journey….


1. Who is your target audience for
your upcoming GBA title, Lady Sia?
Boys and girls, ages 8 and

2. How will the magic-casting system
work in Lady Sia? Will spells abilities be permanently acquired as you
progress through the game, or will it be a 1 item = 1 spell system?
Magic is permanently
acquired, but it will require skill to manage your magic energy so as to
be ready with a spell when you need it most.


3. How will the save system work in
the game? Will you be able to save at set points or at the end of each

It is automatic. All you have
to do is pick a save game slot at the start and you’re all set to go.

4. What will be the pros and cons of
Sia’s transformation into a Sasquatch?
Transforming in to a
Sasquatch is automatic and gives Lady Sia just what she needs to fight
the most fierce foes.

5. Will there be any full aerial
combat fields when Sia reaches her friend, griffin?
No, there is no full aerial
combat per say, but there is special game play when Sia is flying on the

6. Are each of the 4 worlds unique
with their own individual pros, cons, and monsters?
Actually, each level is
very unique with it’s own look and feel. The challenges vary as well
from all out fighting to puzzle based game play.

7. Will Lady Sia meet many friends and
allies along the way in the quest to help tell the story of her quest to
free her friends?
It is a harsh world, but
Lady Sia will win friends to her cause.

8. How fun/challenging it is to work
on a brand new system? What kinds of things are you excited about doing
with the GBA that you have not been able to do previously?
The GBA gives you a lot of
great art abilities from rotating sprites to transparencies.

9. Lady Sia seems like a great
"girl-power" game – was this a thought you went into the
creation of the game with?
Game are a reflection of
where we are all at in society and girl-power certainly is here to stay.


A big thanks goes out to the development
team and to TDK-Mediactive for giving us the inside scoop on what looks
to be the biggest little adventure yet for GameBoy Advance fans of all

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