Puzzle & Dragons takes challenge to a new level with Extreme God Rush!

Have you been coasting at the top of the Puzzle & Dragons for some time now? Do you feel like nothing else can bother you anymore? Is the game’s challenge beneath you? I scoff at your arrogance. So do the folk over at GungHo. I suppose the proof is in the pudding though, or so they say.

This is the part where I introduce ‘Extreme God Rush!’ to you. For those you turn their head at Mythical Dungeons, how do you feel about Legend Plus? This is no normal dungeon, this is a masterpiece of difficultly. In these levels, you’ll face the true titans of PaD. Just what does this mean, let’s just say tough opponents. I hope you have a ton of stamina and can survive massive preemptive attacks. I certainly can’t!  

This lovely little place appears after you complete Starlight Sanctuary under Normal. Best of umm, luck.