Puzzle & Dragons hits 3 million downloads in North America

GungHo Online Entertainment's puzzle/dungeon-crawling RPG/monster collecting hybrid adventure, Puzzle & Dragons, has crossed three million downloads in North America. That's more than a one million North American player increase since November 2013.

"In the last year alone, Puzzle & Dragons saw tremendous worldwide success due to its addictive gameplay, as well as the unique in-game licensing elements featuring a variety of world-class franchises," GOE said.

Looking to make the game even more accessible, a new update will add support for players with color vision deficiencies. Seeing as how a major element of the game is matching orbs of the same color, this is a pretty big deal. Some of the changes planned include color adjustments for HP gauges, modified images, and changes to the element orbs.

Worldwide, Puzzle & Dragons now has over 29 million downloads. Having just recently downloaded the game, I'm proud to say I helped contribute to these milestones. Now I would greatly appreciate some tips from all you expert players out there.