Puzzle & Dragons delays special dungeons due to iOS issues

If you’ve been playing Puzzle & Dragons on an iOS device the last few days, you have been noticing a slew of issues present. Fear not, the GungHo team is aware of this issue and working on the issues. The main issue has been the time hourly dungeons have been shown as available are appearing an hour later than they were actually open – resulting in an impossible to enter situation.

In addition to these issues, the bonuses appearing in special/normal/technical/weekly dungeons have been affected as well due to the same timing issues. This has also caused a delay in log in bonus rewards. While this is issue is being worked on, all special dungeons are being delayed. GungHo has promised a new schedule once this situation has been corrected. These issues have existed since the 6.4.4 update.

As part of the Flower Power event, Athena was supposed to descend today. Just where is such wisdom?