Pushmo follow-up Crashmo to support QR codes from 3DS browser

Pushmo is widely heralded as one of the standout eShop titles on the 3DS. Since its launch last year, the Intelligent Systems-developed puzzler has been praised for its fun and challenging gameplay. Even with the releases of other noteworthy eShop titles, Pushmo continues to be a favorite among 3DS owners.

A sequel titled Crashmo was announced not too long ago, and it's due out in North America later this month. Nintendo has detailed one of the neater features of the upcoming downloadable game. According to the publisher, players will no longer have to snap pictures of QR codes if they wish to download bonus content.

What Crashmo players will instead do is visit the webpage with the QR code through the 3DS browser, save it to their system, and load it up in-game. Well, that certainly removes the hassle of snapping pictures of the darn QR codes using the 3DS.

If you're a fan of the original Pushmo or are just looking for a puzzle game to play on your 3DS, watch out for Crashmo on November 22.

[Nintendo via NeoGAF]

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