PUBG cheaters complain after seemingly only getting matched against other cheaters

Oh please Bluehole, tell us this is some type of ingenious softban.

The developers behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have said that they would be implementing new tools to detect cheaters and unspecified "additional measures" to deal with cheaters and it looks like we may be seeing the beginning of these additional measures.

According to PUBG cheaters themselves, there's something funky happening with their matchmaking and they aren't enjoying it. Reports from a cheating forum reveal that cheaters have become frustrated over long load times and getting into matches with cheaters. 

One cheater reported "after finishing my new aimbot yesterday, I tried making some fun by winning a game with a crossbow and another with a pistol. Later I found my matching time was significantly longer than before." Another cheater went on to say, "everytime I get killed it's some gods who seem to hit me on every shot, while I'm running around like The Flash."

Another post went on to show that a portion of the cheating community is complaining of long matchmaking times and cheaters in games.

It's unclear if Bluehole implemented a softban on cheaters that makes them play against one another or if the cheat lobbies are for flagged accounts or if some sort of technology is separating folks with high kill death ratios, but it's nice to see cheaters having to play against other cheaters and getting annoyed.

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