Psychologist Blames Rape on Games Then Writes Sexy Book

Not too long ago, psychologist Carole Lieberman made a statement that video games were the cause of rape increases in society (despite conflicting studies showing that rape had decreased in recent years), claiming that gamers wished to live out their sick video game actions in real life. Naturally, the gaming community didn’t take too kindly to her bold words.

Now, Lieberman has released a new book titled Bad Girls. In the book Lieberman discusses the behavior of promiscuous women and the grasp they have on men, seemingly praising the behavior in the process of dissecting it. Countless gamers have gone on to voice their opinions on Lieberman’s book as well as her stance on morals and video games. Several user reviews on Amazon have bashed the book and the author, claiming that the written work is crass and full of hypocrisy.

Careful when you bite the video game community, Lieberman. We tend to bite back.


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