PSN Down Again, Users React

It’s happened again: PlayStation Network is down in North American and European territories. As always, Sony has stated that the online gaming service is scheduled for maintenance. PlayStation 3 owners won’t be able to play games online or purchase anything through the PlayStation Store during this period. And here I was planning on downloading The Fancy Pants Adventures today!

Obviously, the issue has caused gamers to go into a frenzy. Considering this is a week of high profile releases, it makes sense for PlayStation 3 owners to get at least a little flustered about the whole ordeal. Some gamers have blamed Anonymous for the problem; others think it’s a ploy by Sony to frustrate players.

George Hotz and Sony might have settled, but because Anonymous isn’t a cohesive unit, some members of the group may still be out to annoy PlayStation Network users. “I totally blame Anonymous,” said one user. A more optimistic gamer proposed, “It could be that Sony is making internal changes to prevent further attacks by Anonymous.”

Some people are indifferent to the situation, saying that because basic PlayStation Network service is free, gamers are getting what they pay for. “It’s a free service,” mentioned an online gamer. “I expect no quality of service from Sony for PSN.” Another individual was quick to point out that PlayStation Network users shouldn’t be surprised, as the PlayStation 3 has had issues with its online features for a long time now.

Whether Anonymous are up to their old (and annoying) tricks again, whether Sony currently has the PSN servers tied up until Steam integration moves forward, or whether the manufacturer is actually performing maintenance on their systems, gamers are frustrated at having to wait for the PSN to be fully functional again. Don’t worry, Fancy Pants Adventures. I’ll download you soon enough!